The Inner View Community

The Inner View Community

The Inner View Community

The Experience & Practice Of Inner View. The Seeing Of The Human Soul And Us Beyond All Differences

For The Experience And Practice Of Inner View, And Seeing With Awareness

If you've ever been in a room with the Soul Biographies Inner View camera running, or better still been in front of the camera itself you will know the experience of awareness and surrender it provokes. The Community is about the experience of this.

If you've sensed it in the work of Soul Biographies - the films and the words - that might give you an indication that this might be something courageous you might be willing to try. Something you might feel inexorably drawn towards.

Either way, you are welcome.

Inner View is an experiential change in the way we see everyone and everything. It invites a profound shift in awareness in service to connectedness, truth, freedom and the seeing of us without judgment and beyond all differences.

Inner View has often been characterized as a way to be in the world. And this way to be in the world with others has far reaching and profoundly relevant possibilities for this particular age. It has been used far and wide in the fields of human development, interaction and exploration. Namely the fields of Coaching, Therapy, TV & Film Interview, Organizational Story Telling, Business and Sales Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Hospice, Health and Youth Work, Personal and Organizational Development.

Many undertake its practice simply as a way to develop their own awareness. Much of the experience of this is in amongst the experience of awareness.

This Community is here for the ongoing practice and experience of Inner View.

You could see the many TESTIMONIALS and a further explanation of the way of Inner View, understanding that it is not a technique but an innate capacity. Note: you do not have to have formally learned Inner View, or taken part in any program to be a part of this Community of experience.

You would be most welcome to join us. There are currently between 4 and 5 live Inner View experiences each week. 15 minutes to 90 minutes, although there is such a sense of closeness that gatherings are often left open and people stay hours if they are able. The commitment is just one month at a time.

The Community is hosted by Soul Biographies Inner View creator Nic Askew.

"… if i were to hold just one wish for humanity, it is that we remember our innate capacity to see each other beyond all differences. Such a shift in awareness might resolve many of the towering predicaments of this age and of our own lives."

If you have noticed the nature of the Soul Biographies work in film and word, then this it its experience brought to life. Your life.

‘Undivided and So Still Attention’

Before your words
of encouragement
and well-timed

Before items gifted
at beyond
an arm’s length.

Did you ever consider
the one thing that
might turn the
entire world
on its axis.

Your undivided
and so still

If you need to see more you could take a look inside the LIBRARY OF THE HUMAN SOUL. Or you send us your QUESTIONS via Soul Biographies.

Community Scholarship Fund

We understand trying times and have a Community Scholarship Fund for those who might find it helpful. Do send us a MESSAGE for details.

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