The Inner View Community

The Inner View Community

The Inner View Community

Deepening The Experience Of Soul Biographies Inner View As A Way To Profound Human Connection

A Note Of Introduction From Nic Askew 

Creator of Soul Biographies and Inner View

I have a clear image of a very different world etched into my imagination;

'A Profoundly Connected World In Which We See And Experience Each Other Beyond Judgment'

For many years I've pointed to the possibility through the work of Soul Biographies Inner View. Profound Human Connection is the essential experience at the heart of the work. And I'd like to share this far and wide. I'd like to deepen the experience of what many have had a sense of through Soul Biographies. I'd like for many to experience the falling away that many who take part experience.

Consider this new initiative as a gathering movement of people drawn inexorably to contributing to the possibility of the world described above. Whilst at the same time discovering their own profound and original part in it through the realizing of an innate capacity to see themselves and those around them without judgment.

You would be most welcome to join us. To take part from the edges, or from its center. Without condition. This Community is free to join.

There is the opportunity to delve deeper into the mysterious work of Soul Biographies and its way (Inner View) with Nic and others. And importantly to meet together in the awareness shifting experience of Inner View. All with a focus on seeing beyond judgment and the building of profound human connection. There is also the opportunity for you to contribute in a Community of those who see in similar fashion and will give such contribution full and undivided attention.

If you've been somehow drawn to the work of Soul Biographies, or been invited in by someone you trust, this might be a place you'd value being in alongside others who see the world in similar deep fashion.

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